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Birth Hypnosis; helping pregnant women to release any tension or anxiety they may have about birth allowing them to achieve a positive birth experience and an enjoyable pregnancy


What is birth hypnosis?

Birth Hypnosis is a method of self-hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques to help pregnant women during birth. Birth Hypnosis helps release any tension or anxiety they may have about birth and can help them to achieve a positive birth experience and an enjoyable pregnancy.

Research has shown that mothers who use Birth Hypnosis have a greater chance of achieving a natural labour, are less likely to use pharmacological pain relief and may have a shorter labour. Birth Hypnosis does not guarantee that a pregnant woman will have a normal or pain free labour, however many women do report comfortable births after using Birth Hypnosis. The aim is to assist pregnant women to achieve a calmer, more comfortable, and empowered birth. It is also ideal for any pregnant woman who has high anxiety about childbirth, regardless of how she chooses to give birth.

Hypnosis is very safe, it is simply a form of relaxation similar to when you are about to drop off to sleep. You will be taught these relaxation techniques to assist you during your birth and this enables you to remain calm and in control of your labour. Any mother can use Birth Hypnosis during their pregnancy and birth whether their first baby or they have have had children before.

As a healthcare Practitionert is never too early or too late to learn Birth Hypnosis however it does take commitment and regular practice in order to perfect the techniques and achieve maximum effect.

Birth Hypnosis is of great benefit to both pregnant women and their partners. Partners often report feeling more empowered and prepared for birth. It gives partners an active role and they will provide valuable assistance in their labour. They are an important part of helping you to birth successfully. A birth partner can be a partner or husband but could equally be a friend or relative who is acting as a birth support and companion to the pregnant woman in labour.

Rae voller has two comprehensive courses for healthcare Professionals - An Introduction to Birth Hypnosis and a Practitioner Course. Scroll down for further details on both courses.

Introductory Course

An Introduction to Birth Hypnosis

Are you a health care professional who supports mothers and their partners in labour? Perhaps you are a student midwife or working toward your university application to become a student midwife? If so then the Introduction to Birth Hypnosis course is designed especially for you.

An Introduction to Birth Hypnosis provides you with a basic understanding of Birth Hypnosis (Hypnobirthing) and how to support families who have chosen to use these techniques for their pregnancy, birth and beyond. Successful completion of the eleven lesson course and the accompanying multiple-choice test will result in achievement of a certificate for your CPD file or CV.

All this for a special introductory offer price of £26 (RRP £35)! Register here today (remember, you can pay via PayPal even if you don't have an account):

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Practitioner Course

Become a Birth Hypnosis Practitioner

Birth Hypnosis Practitioner training is available through Rae Voller Hypnosis and the Association of Birth Hypnosis. You may be interested in becoming a Birth Hypnosis Practitioner if you are a:
Midwife Doula
Student Midwife Antenatal Educator
Maternity Assistant Yoga/ Pilates instructor
Breastfeeding Support Practitioner Have an interest in supporting natural birthing methods

Rae Voller Hypnosis and the Association of Birth Hypnosis offer training over a three or four day period depending on your existing professional background. Three day training is suitable for those with professional training and experience in birth, an additional day is required for any individual who would benefit from further understanding of the anatomy and physiology of childbirth and supporting labouring women.

At the completion of your training you will be able to work as an independent birth hypnosis practitioner and will receive one year free membership of the Association of Birth Hypnosis, which gives you listing in their directory and access to members only area for access to materials, ongoing support, training and discussion.

The course covers:
The processes of hypnotherapy Breathing and relaxation techniques for birth
Hypnotherapy techniques Anchoring and sensory awareness
The physiology and psychology of birth Hypnosis for breastfeeding, home birth and water birth
Hypnosis as pain relief Dealing with special circumstances surrounding birth
Fear and anxiety management Organising your course, creating a successful business and ongoing development
Ethical issues surrounding hypnosis

Course prices start at £250 which includes training, course materials and lunch/refreshments each day. Click here to download the Registration Form or for further details email

Course dates and venues:

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Hypnobirthing was an invaluable service for me and one that i will never forget! It made the whole experience 'enjoyable' and reduced my 'labour and birth' fear from having my son 3 years prior so much that I was excited and looking forward to it. I don't know how I would have got through it without Hypnobirthing due to having a long labour 2nd time around! I can't thank Rae enough for her support and techniques that she has taught me. She is an inspiration and I still use a few of those taught during everyday life, 18 months on! I will never forget her as she will always be a special part of my child's birth experience. I would recommend Hypnobirthing to any expecting mummy's out there! You won't regret it! Hypnobirthing certainly puts 'you' and your partner in control giving you the confidence to birth as natural as possible - Gill, Cumbria

Rae is a midwife and hypnobirthing teacher so she can truly address any fears about birth. If you have any questions, she'll have the knowledge to put your mind to rest - Jonathan, Merseyside

Birth is an amazing journey which could be a scary experience but hypnobirthing takes away all fear and allows birth to become a relaxing event and one where you bond further with your baby. With hypnobirthing, we had all the tools to prepare for the first time we met our baby in a relaxed calm manner. I mean who wants to be uptight and afraid at a time of celebration? Rae as a hypnobirthing teacher helped me to learn how to relax and unwind ready for the birth. Rae took away the fear of the unknown, gave me tools to be in control and look forward to meeting my baby in the best possible way - Liz, Merseyside

About Rae

About Rae Voller

Rae (short for Rachel) is a practising midwife and hypnotherapist. She has worked as a midwife since 2004 and during her career has supported women during the antenatal period, throughout their births both at hospital and home, and in the postnatal period.

Rae is the co-founder of the Association for Birth Hypnosis.  She has been supporting couples to use birth hypnosis to achieve optimal birthing experiences since 2011. Rae is also a registered midwife, nurse, qualified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner, Mindfulness Practitioner and Life Coach.

Rae also specialises in hypnosis for weight management and holds qualifications in nutritional awareness.

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